My Private Pilot Checkride

Hey everyone!

I’m soooooo happy to announce that I passed my Private Pilot checkride on my first try on January 28th, 2017!

I was pretty nervous leading up to the checkride, even though I had studied for weeks before the event. On arrival to the airport, the winds weren’t too bad, but were supposed to pick up later in the day. The desert has great flying weather, but wind is a common concern.

We started the oral, and things went pretty smoothly. It went by pretty quick (about an hour), and then we were off to the flight line. By that time, the winds had picked up a bit, about 15 knots. We went through the pre-flight, and after a few questions about the aircraft systems, we were off! We started my cross country, then diverted, and did some instrument time. After that, we went through the required landings and maneuvers. By the time of our last landing, the wind was gusting to 24 knots. Somehow, I nailed the last required landing in those winds: the short-field (don’t ask me to repeat that!).

It was a huge relief to taxi back to parking. After securing the aircraft, the examiner had me sign the papers and went into the FBO as I finished up in the airplane. I told him to keep the results a secret as my parents and fellow-pilot friends waited. When I walked in, my smile gave it away: I PASSED!



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